Lab facilities:
Separate well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and Computer science help the students gain practical knowledge.

The school has a well stocked library, with the facility of reprography Reference books; journals and fiction are available to sharpen the knowledge of the students.

Language Lab:
To develop the communication skill, the facility of language lab is provided and special care is taken to improve the pronunciation.

Audio Visual Room:
In the Kindergarten section, a room has been exclusively set up with audio visual aids. Latest teaching techniques using audio, video cassettes, CD's are followed. Communication skills are developed with the help of computer aided teaching.

Educational Technology (SMART CLASS)
The chalk and talk method of teaching is replaced by latest Educational Technology. There is a seminar hall which is equipped with modern teaching technological aids such as computer, LCD Projector and educational software.

One acre area of playground facilities are provided for the students to play and get training in games to participate in district level and state level competitions.

Transport Facilities:
We have 18 vehicles (6 owned by the school and remaining on rental basis) reaching out to 97 villages. Nearly 900 students use the transport facility.

Sports And Games:
A sound mind in a sound body is a well known adago. To have a healthy body, We must do physical exercises to keep ourselves in fine fettle. Hence our school curriculum gives as distinct place in sports and games.

Our school has a play ground of its own. The students are offered opportunities to enhance their talents in games like Hockey, Net Ball etc. They are guided by Physical Education Teachers.

This year (2011-2012) our school conducted regional level Net Ball Championship Competition in collaboration with City Union Bank.  Our students participated in district level, regional level and state level competitions and won many certificates.

Now our school building has been extended up to first floor in new building. The No of students as well as teachers  increase every year. The student’s strength has become almost 1578.