Thanthai Periyar, a laudable mentor and an ardent fighter of social equality, dedicated his entire life to liberate the conventional society from the fetters of superstitious beliefs and class discriminations. His contribution to the cause of the downtrodden and in particular, the womenfolk is something unique in the history of the nation. He insisted that only life-oriented education could enlighten the dark society and it is the effective tool for the emancipation of women.

In order to fortify the vision of Thanthai Periyar, several educational institutions were established by the Self Respect Propaganda Institution headed by the diligent leader Dr.K.Veeramani, the great idealist and the torchbearer of Thanthai Periyar.

Periyar Matric Hr Sec School formerly known as Gymnasia Matric Hr Sec School was started in June 1989. Due to financial constrains the management of G.M.H.S.S decided to handover the school to PSRPI in June 2006. Since then the school is known as Periyar Matriculation Hr.Sec.School., When the PSRPI took over the school, the students strength was just 23.

The inaugural function of our school was held  the Maanamigu.Dr.K.Veeramani.It started with nearly 26 students with only one main building.
Ever since its inception it has been striving hard to make the pupils intellectually competent, physically fit, emotionally stable and socially desirable.

The school started as the low strength and English as the medium of instruction, catered to the needs of the parents who wished to provide good education to their wards. It had a humble beginning with classes under thatched roof. The play and learning interlinked, made the process of learning a recreation as well as a re-creation. The speciality of the school is, identifying the dyslexic students and giving encouragement and special coaching with love and care.

The motto of the school is STRIVE TO SUCCEED . To be true to the motto the students are made known the value of perspiration and are trained to put their maximum effort to get success.

Besides the academic excellence, importance is attached to the extra curricular activities. The school aims at the all round development of the students. The kindergarten section functions in a separate block fully equipped with play materials. Latest teaching techniques are followed to avoid the monotony of the conventional classes. On the whole learning is fun and no longer a burden to the children.

The skills of the students are identified and opportunities are provided to sharpen them. They are made aspirants to step in the arena of competitive world. The spark of rationalism ignited in their minds burn the barriers of caste, community and religion and guard humanism.
The school feels proud and happy to create the future architects of our country. We are elated to see them pursuing their higher studies and well placed as useful citizens.

The aim of the school is to create the students with an all round development to enable them to face the new challenges of the competitive worlds and we are sure that the leadership qualities, self confidence and self reliance inculcated in them, will make them reach the pinnacle of glory.